When our teeth first appear in the mouth, they are white, strong and beautiful. Out teeth have some enemies though, that want to destroy them.
These enemies are the bacteria, very very tiny bugs (you cannot see them with naked eye, only through a micorscope). Bacteria sit on the teeth and form the dental microbial plaque. This plaque destroys the teeth, by making small brown or yellow holes (cavities).

Our teeth are not helpless


against these unrestling enemies.
We know the weak spots of the bacteria and that's where we hit them to protect our precious teeth:


Bacterial weak spots How to beat them
They need food to live. They love sugar, soda drinks, sweets and candies Cut back on sugar and sweets (I know it's difficult but think how strong and white your teeth can be!)
They like dirty places, they grow up easier there Βrush our teeth twice daily, after the main meals, to keep them clean
They hate fluoride We use a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash
They try to hide in places that the toothpaste can't reach (between the teeth) We don't forget to floss once a day, to get rid of them from all the tooth surfaces!
They camp out in cavities in the teeth, because the toothbrush and the floss can't reach them there We  visit the dentist regurarly (twice a year) to check if there are any such holes and close them before they get full of bugs
When our defence is down, that's when they strike more easily We eat healthy and nutritious foods to stay in shape and be strong!



So, to sum things up, we shouldn't eat many sweets and soda drinks, we should brush our teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, we should floss at least once a day, and visit the dentist regurarly.

The dentist is our friend and ally in this combat. He checks the condition of the teeth, reconstructs them if necessary and gives us valuable instructions on how to best take care of our teeth.

With all these, our teeth will be strong and healthy, white and beautiful, and our smile will be bright and sparkling!