Frequently Asked Questions of a new patient:


How can I come to your office?

The dental office is situated at 2 Stratigou Pezanou St. , oppossite St. Minas entrance. There is a  bus stop  right in front of the office, and there are available private parkings at a distance of 150 metres.


What do I need to bring with me?

Previous Xrays (either printed or in a digital format) and medications you currently or have been taking. All your questions on how to improve your smile! 


How can I book an appointment? 

You can use our Appointment Form or you can call us at 2810288138.


Can I be seen without an appointment? 

The office policy is that for the better service of the patients appointments have a priority. In case of an emergency or a painful incident yoy can be sure we will try to see you as soon as possible in the same day if possible. A phone interview is required beforehand in compliance with the protocols for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic


Can I pay by credit card?

The office is equipped with a ΡΟS machine that accepts Visa/Mastercard/ Am Ex and most bank  credit/ debit cards.


What services do you offer?

You can have a look at our list of services here

I am afraid of going to the dentist... Will it hurt?
This is the most frequently asked question from new patients and one in the mind of most people! Rest assured that we will take as much time as needed to solve your questions, reduce your fears and make as painless as possible your visit to the dentist.