You can find here all the services that are provided in our office. By clicking on the links you can visit the relevant articles for more information and by clicking on the photo icon you can see photos of related cases.




  • Patient Exam (Oral clinical)

  • Intraoral digital Xrays

  • Οral Hygiene Instructions

  • Emergency dental treatment (Acute pulpitis, periapical inflammation, pericoronitis, dry socket, wound suture) 

  • Facial Trauma

  • Dental Trauma (Crown/root fracture, concusion, intrusion, tooth avulsion)

  • Hypersensitivity treatment 

  • Recementing fixed dental prostheses





Oral Surgery








  • Pulpotomy

  • Root Canal Treatment of single rooted teeth

  • Root Canal Treatment of multiple rooted teeth

  • Retreatment of failing Root Canal Treatment


Aesthetic Dentistry





  • Clinical and radiographic examination

  • Caries assesment 

  • Fluoride application

  • Sealants

  • Deciduous/permanent teeth fillings

  • Deciduous teeth extractions

  • Deciduous teeth pulpotomy

  • Stainless steel crowns 


Removable Prosthodontics


  • Full Denture upper/lower jaw

  • Partial Denture upper/lower jaw

  • Partial Thermoplastic Denture without a metal frame 

  • Implant supported overdentures 

  • Denture repair 

  • Addition of tooth/clasp/flange on a denture 

  • Presicion attachments

  • Denture relining

  • Occlusion rehabilititation


Fixed prosthodontics