At your first visit at our dental office a thorough oral examination is done, in order to have a clear picture of your oral condition.


e are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice, get to know them as people and provide them with the dental treatment and smile they dream of.

Before our first visit, a small questionnaire needs to be filled in accordance with the Health Ministry protocolls for the combat of the Covid19 crisis.

The examination on our first visit consists of


  • A complete medical and dental history,
  • clinical (and if needed radiographic) examination,
  • Digital photos and Xrays
  • and the study of the dental problems and needs that exist.


 After that we have the new patient interview, where we discuss the treatment plan. Having a full picture of your oral condition we can plan better the appropriate course to follow, in order to restore your mouth to its desirable form. The choices we have in the modern age are numerous and the solutions vary, according to the desires and needs of each individual. You can browse at our services and photos of previous dental treatments


Therefore, we would discuss together, not only the needs, but also the expectations you might have for a better smile. We strive to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that is best suited for you

In case there is an emergency,
it becomes automatically our first priority
and we will attend to it at this very first visit.