Here you will find various dental games and activities. Hope you enjoy them !


Yes, as strange as it may seem, dentistry can sometimes be entertaining!



Βρείτε την έξοδο του λαβύρινθου

Dental Fairy tale

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Brush Sponge Bob



To what level do you want to take your dental health? Play our dental defense game to find out. Use the toothpaste to blast away sugary sweets -- but don't destroy the apples! Apples provide your teeth with a Mega-Shield to protect against the dangers of plaque bacteria. Let too many sweets through and you lose -- your teeth! Use your mouse to move the toothpaste left and right and click on the "A" key to shoot. If you need a break, use the "P" key to pause the game. There are 10 levels -- each level gets a little more challenging, so good luck! Click on the picture below to get started.


Test your memory with our Grin and Pair It match game. Match each celebrity with their identical image to reveal the hidden message beneath. When you make a correct match, the images dissolve. Every match you make gets you closer to the hidden message. Click on the screen to get started, but remember the location of each celebrity -- you're going to need it to win our memory match game!

Good Luck!

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Ready for a challenge? In this case, it's ok to play a mind game with your dental health. And this tooth game really makes you think! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the toothbrush around the board. The goal is to push each tooth into a "Brush Your Teeth" spot. It's harder than it looks! Don't worry -- if you get stuck, just press "Reset" to start over.

Good Luck!

Dentist Games: The denture chicken is having some teeth problems! You have 60 seconds to help him. Use the mouse to brush our chicken friend´s teeth!

In this game you have to shoot toothpaste to kill bacteria!
Dentist game: use the mouse to move the tube of toothpaste and the folder button to shoot in bacteria

In this game you have to get all the foods that are good for teeth and all that is part of oral hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss)
Dentist Game: Use the arrow keys to move the player and get the correct items

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