A beautiful smile makes our life prettier, boosts our self esteem, makes us feel better about our self.

One of the main aims of modern dentistry (and one of the most pleasant for me personally) is the restoration of a jhealthy and bright smile.

In our days the rapid development of aesthetic dentistry both material and technique offers many options for the improvement of our smile like:


aesth8   aesth9

It's the most conservative technique for brightening your smile. It can be done in office, at home or as a combination. At the home bleaching, the most often used, a whitening agent is used in special trays to remove discolorations and lighten the shade of the tooth. The trays are worn for a period of time each day for several days (the length is determined by the effect we want to achieve). Teeth whitening should be done after a thorough oral examination. Teeth shouldn't be carious or have bad fillings because the whitening agent might cause temporary sensitivity to the teeth and gums if not administered properly.




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The all famous white fillings. Their evolution has been tremendous in the last years and are now comparable to amalgam (silver filling) for its mechanical strength. With a great variety of shades, it's usually the simplest solution in case we want to replace a silver filling or restore a front tooth .



These are porcelain or composite resin restorationsstructures that replace fillings at the back teeth. They are made by a dental technician after an impression is taken and are bonded to the tooth.They offer excellent esthetics and strength. Porcelain inlays and onlays are the recommended restorations for replacement of silver fillings which offer great aeshetics with minimal removal of weakened tooth structure. They can also be made from lab fabricated composite material with a lower cost.



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They are small porcelain restorations (sometimes as thin as a contact lens) that are bonded to the tooth after a small preparation of its front surface. Consider it as a small cap that is bonded to the front of the tooth. It offers a better look in the front teeth than composite resins, lasts longer, blends more naturally and it's still a conservative restoration (it doesn't need a lot of tooth taken out!).




Porcelain crowns are used to cover either single teeth or as bridges to replace missing teeth and redesign the smile. They can have a  metal core for increased strength and reduced cost, a zirconium or lithium disilicate(EMax) core for the ideal combination of aesthetics and strength or made completely of porcelain for the maximum aesthetic result.


There are many materials and techniques available nowadays for the dentist to design and construct a harmonious smile. It allows us to change the look of an old and worn out dentition to a youthful smile. Don't hesitate to iask us about the options and  possibillities available for you smile improvement.

The therapeutic options differ from simple, chairside and conservative to more extended lab fabricated restoration for prolonged durability and function. They can individually customised to fit anyone's budget and philosophy.

We can take photos of your smile, digitally simulate the expected final result to have a better understanding of the improvement anticipated with the proposed treatment plan.