he first visit of a child at a dental office should be in a calm and friendly enviroment without urgent need for treatment. It's best to be scheduled as a familirization appointment with the office and the dental team. Trying to cope with the negative feelings (fear of the unkown, previous unpleasant dental or medical experiences, stereotypes and stress) that most children have when going to the dentist can be easier managed when the first appointment is simple and reserved for a simple examination and maybe an easy treatment whithou pressure if the child feels comfortable


Dentistry as a game!


The message the child receives through this approach is that a dental visit is a procedure with minimal discomfort that can be dealt with and  accomplished. The dental team is friendly ally that helps the child maintain an optimal oral hygiene.
The ultimate objective of these first visits is to make the dental examination and treatment a procedure the child isn't afraid of. Studies have shown that people that aren't afraid of the dentist keep their regular dental check ups and appointments therefore having a overall better oral health.


During the first visits we restore feelings not fillings!